nestling bird中文意思是什麼

nestling bird解釋

  • nestling: n. 剛孵出的雛,還不能離窩的雛;嬰孩。
  • bird: BIRD =International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (聯合國)國際復興開發銀行。n 1 鳥,...

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  1. To all it concerns, this notice apprises, the sparrow ' s for trial, at next bird assizes

    (關系人請注意,下回小鳥審判,受審者為麻雀。 )
  2. The feathers attached to the arms and the tail evidently possess the structures of " modern feathers ", which consisting of the central shafts ( rachis ) and parallel barbs. dromaeosaurids are unusual group of maniraptoran theropods. they share many similar or the same features with archaeopteryx or other primitive birds, such as : u - shaped furcula, uncinate process, laterally facing glenoid of shoulder girdle, comparatively long forelimb, large semilunate carple, retroverted pubis, ascending process of astragalus, and " modern feathers " with rachis and barbs etc. these facts indicate not only that dromaeosaurids had developed many bird - like characters in course of the advanced maniraptorans toward birds, but also that there seemed to be the co - evolutionary trend between the feathers and the skeletal bones

    奔龍類是一類較為特殊的手盜龍類( maniraptora ) ,它具有許多與始祖鳥archaeopteryx甚至其它早期鳥類相似或接近的特徵,主要表現在:叉骨u形與始祖鳥和孔子鳥類的相同,背肋鉤狀突在孔子鳥類和個別反鳥類中也存在,肩臼窩絕大部分指向側方類似於始祖鳥,肩胛骨與烏喙骨間的夾角非常接近90也和始祖鳥的相似,前肢從比例上講顯得較長,大的半月形腕骨使肘部能向側方折過來,恥骨伸向後下方,距骨上升突與原始鳥類中的為同源結構,羽毛已有顯著的分化且具備了現代羽毛的基本結構等等。
  3. Notice to all it concerns, this notice apprises, the sparrow ' s for trial, at next bird assizes

  4. But i always woke and found it an empty mockery ; and i was desolate and abandoned - my life dark, lonely, hopeless - my soul athirst and forbidden to drink - my heart famished and never to be fed. gentle, soft dream, nestling in my arms now, you will fly, too, as your sisters have all fled before you : but kiss me before you go - embrace me, jane

  5. This is a barracuda. - fish can ' t eat a bird