net savings中文意思是什麼

net savings解釋

  • net: n 因特網。 supply Net services 提供因特網服務。 n 1 網,網眼織物,(花邊的)織物。2 網狀物,網狀...
  • savings: 儲金

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  1. For more information about ado. net and other types of data access programming, see the following online resources

    有關ado . net和其他類型的數據訪問編程的更多信息,請參見以下聯機資源。
  2. To make marketing gambit innovation on that base, the post - savings bank should exploit new financial product priority at intermediary service, personal credit service and particular deposit account service, take advantage of the new internet channel to founded net bank, make internal maketing and customer value management for upraise competitive capability and service level, make alliance strategic to meet the polytropic customer demand

  3. This increase reflected the zurich canada acquisition, organic growth of insurance and fixed - income savings businesses, and positive net segregated and mutual fund policyholder cash flows, partially offset by the impact of lower equity markets

    是項增長反映公司收購zurich canada保險和固定收入儲蓄產品的凈增長以及獨立及互惠基金保單持有人現金凈流量呈正數,但由於股市偏軟而遭部分抵銷。
  4. The pader stud ies the net outflows of capi ta1 trom farmers , rural area and the county area through financial channel the farmers savings deposit is the most important source supporting the agricultural and rural econo 。 y in recently 22 years 。 the rural credit cooperatives ( rccs ) and rural post savings deposit organizations become the main chamels of the outflows of rural capital the outflows of capital from the county area are very large and the outflows do harm to the county s and rural economy another problem is the serious rural financial risks there are many kinds of llnanclal risks in rural area the reasons of the rural financial risks are very complicated nd the rural financial risks do harm to the rural financial organizations and the rural economy there is close relationship between rural financial risks and rural social stability there is great potential of risks in rccs and rural nongovermental financial institutions the deposit demands of farmers are satisfied basically but the loans demands of farmers are not satisfied the dlfflcultles of farmers financing ( esp loans ) from rural credit cooperative

  5. Capital preservation funds only invest in low risk products, such as bank deposits, money market investments and short - term bonds. they are similar to money funds and a net investment return is expected to be comparable to the savings rate at a bank