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  • network: n. 1. 網眼織物。2. (鐵路、河道等的)網狀系統,網狀組織,廣播網,電視網,廣播[電視]聯播公司。3. 【無線電】網路,電路。4. 【計算機】電腦網路,網。
  • availability: n. 1. 有效,有益,可利用,可得到。2. 可得到的東西[人員]。3. (候選人的)當選可能性。
  • guarantee: n. 1. 保證,擔保。2. 保證人〈法律上用 guarantor〉。3. 接受保證的人。4. 抵押品,擔保物。vt. 1. 保證,擔保。2. 〈口語〉包,管保。

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  1. Second, based on integrating networks of mobile management, the thesis modifies the access protocols of umts ps to build the transmission bearer cannel of data and signaling and guarantee the seamless connection of maent and umts. then, using adov routing protocol with mip, the thesis builds the emulation model of integration network and analyzes the throughput of network in ns

    然後,在ns ( networksimulation )模擬環境中,利用基於移動網際網路絡協議( mobileinternetprotocol , mip )的按需距離向量路由協議( adhocon - demanddistancevectorrouting , aodv )對整合通信網路模擬建模,並對整合通信網路的網路吞吐量進行了分析。
  2. Secondly, to place emphasis on the big accounts marketing conscientiously and consolidate the market share in terms of big accounts ; to give full play to the functions of big account marketing system on three levels, namely, the group, province and municipality, enhance the construction of big accounts marketing team and link the operating achievements of the big account managers with their personal income ; to build big accounts supporting system, upgrade the network quality guarantee for the big accounts, actively push the application of the " service level agreement ( sla ) " and provide individualized service guarantee

    第二,切實把大客戶營銷服務作為重點來抓,鞏固大客戶市場份額。要充分發揮好集團、省、市三級大客戶營銷體系的作用,加強大客戶營銷隊伍建設,將大客戶經理收入與其經營業績進行掛鉤考核。搞好大客戶支撐系統建設,提高大客戶的網路保障質量,積極推行《服務等級協議( sla ) 》 ,提供差異化的服務保障。
  3. In other words, the reliable active nodes implement the reliability sub - layer. the forward active nodes have the same function as the traditional ip nodes. using the reliable active nodes in the active network can guarantee that the data is reliably delivered from one reliable active node to another

  4. In addition, the dissertation accomplishes work as follows : the basic configuration functions for flow chart is replenished and perfected based on the former this configuration software collectivity frame designs, and the application of static table - driven scheduling. accordingly, the development of this configuration software is impelled in the field of opening, integration, network availability, module structure, standardization of communication interface

  5. Route explorer provides enterprise with visibility into dynamic ip routing for the first time, improving network availability and reducing operating costs