• neuilly: 紐利機織掛毯
  • le: 1. low explosive 低級炸藥。2. labo(u)r exchange 實物交換,產品交換;職業介紹所;〈主英〉(勞工部的)勞工介紹所。
  • real: adj 1 真實的,真正的 (opp sham ) 實際的,現實的 ( opp ideal) 事實上的,實質上的 (opp nominal...


  1. Mendelian gene is not a real physical entity but an abstraction or symbol.

  2. Even the psychoanalysis of the young woman, nora acton, is largely real : it is drawn from freud ' s analysis in vienna of a girl he called dora

  3. There's no question that the ads had a real impact on the public.

  4. Julie had long been expecting an offer from her melancholy adorer, and was fully prepared to accept it. but a sort of secret feeling of repulsion for her, for her passionate desire to be married, for her affectation and a feeling of horror at renouncing all possibility of real love made boris still delay. the term of his leave was drawing to a close

  5. Low earth - orbit satellites have become indispen * * * le for u. s. military communications, gps navigation for smart bombs and troops, and for real - time surveillance. the chinese test highlights the satellites ' vulnerability

    低地衛星對美國軍事通訊、 gps導航及制導,和實時偵察至關重要。中國這次試驗凸現了衛星的脆弱性。