neural network toolbox中文意思是什麼

neural network toolbox解釋

  • neural: adj. 【解剖學】神經(系統)的;神經中樞的;【解剖學】背的,背側的。adv. -ly
  • network: n. 1. 網眼織物。2. (鐵路、河道等的)網狀系統,網狀組織,廣播網,電視網,廣播[電視]聯播公司。3. 【無線電】網路,電路。4. 【計算機】電腦網路,網。
  • toolbox: 工具箱

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  1. 21 callan e, kent d, guenther h, vorperian k. an auditory - feedback - based neural network model of speech production that is robust to developmental changes in the size and shape of the articulatory system

  2. Third, however, the automaticity of artificial neural network can also be a weakness on the view from another angle

  3. Secondly, matlab neural network toolbox is applied to construct training network and to offer fast learning algorithm, several typical qrs waves can be recognized, which proved that this approach conduce to resolve the problem and decrease the difficulty of programming

  4. 2. ga optimized bp neural network first, selected function for evaluating. second, used matlab toolbox to design ga ( chosen selection methods, crossover type, and mutation probability ). ga could get rid of redundant node and branch effectively from bp network, and optimized it

    ( 2 )遺傳演算法優化網路首先確定評估函數,再利用matlab提供的遺傳演算法工具箱進行演算法設計(確定選擇方法、交叉類型、變異概率等) ,剔除網路冗餘節點和分支,實現對bp網路的優化。
  5. Secondly, based on the neural network toolbox, a convenient realization on matlab is discussed for bp neural network, and the programming methods are presented about how to create a network, train a network and simulate a network