neusiedler see中文意思是什麼

neusiedler see解釋

  • see: n 【宗教】主教的職位[權力];主教的轄區。 the Apostolic [Holy Papal] S =S of Rome 教皇的職位;羅...

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  1. So you see, my dear, you ' ve abased yourself to no purpose

  2. Yeah, i ' m here to see mr. abbott. twenty minutes

  3. Dr chahira kozma, of georgetown university hospital, washington, has used inscriptions and representations on tomb and temple walls, papyrus documents and other objects, as well as human remains, to see how achondroplasia, a cause of the most common type of dwarfism, was regarded in ancient times

  4. For more on the s system, its acm award, or r, see

    有關s system 、它的acm獎或r的更多信息,請參閱
  5. Jump out and he p the gentleman, adolphus " - meaning me, i see

    你跳上岸去,幫一下那位先生,阿道爾弗斯。 」我知道這是指我。