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  1. A tour of freedom : nie gannu ' s personality and anarchism

  2. Nie detested debray, - not only because he was a source of dissension and scandal under the paternal roof, but because she had at once classed him in that catalogue of bipeds whom plato endeavors to withdraw from the appellation of men, and whom diogenes designated as animals upon two legs without feathers

  3. " oh, " cried eug nie, " you are a bad physiognomist, if you imagine i deplore on my own account the catastrophe of which you warn me. i ruined

    「噢, 」歐熱妮喊道, 「閣下,假如您以為你所宣布的破產會使我悲哀我自己的命運的話,您就是一位蹩腳相士了。
  4. All took their places, or rather the ladies formed a circle, while the gentlemen more indifferent to the restraints of what boileau calls the " energetic style " commented on the feverish agitation of andrea, on m. danglars riveted attention, eug nie s composure, and the light and sprightly manner in which the baroness treated this important affair

  5. Village 12, nie has a mirror in wanzhou, enshi, and other places of work