night express中文意思是什麼

night express解釋

  • night: n. 1. 夜,夜間;夜晚 (opp. day)。2. 黃昏;黑夜;黑暗。3. 蒙昧時代;失意時代。 4. 盲目,瞎;死。5. 夜晚的活動〈如晚會等〉。
  • express: vt 1 表示,表現,表達 〈cf suppress; impress〉。2 【數學】用符號表示。3 榨出,壓出。4 用快郵寄出...

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  1. One night bufflehead, while on duty, accidentally interrupted a hold up of a grocery store.

  2. Poor michaelis had been much kicked, so that hes, and the strong queerly - arched brows, the immobile, compressed mouth ; that momentary but revealed immobility, an immobility, a timelessness which the buddha aims at, and which negroes express sometimes without ever aiming at it ; something old, old, and acquiescent in the race

  3. The acquittal gave me hope to express my desire

  4. Mr. yorke was in no mild mood, and in no measured terms did he express his opinion on the transaction of the night.

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