nobody has ever solved this problem中文意思是什麼

nobody has ever solved this problem解釋

  • nobody: pron 誰也不,沒人;無人。 There was nobody present 沒人出席。 Everybody s business is nobody s bu...
  • has: have 的第三人稱單數、現在式。
  • ever: adv 1 〈表示否定、疑問和比較〉曾經,這以前。 Nothing ever happens in this village 這個村裡從來沒...
  • solved: 解決
  • this: pron 〈指示代詞〉1 這,這個,這事,這人。2 這時;這里。3 下面所說的事,剛才(以上)所說的事。4 (...
  • problem: n. 1. 問題,課題;疑難問題;令人困惑的情況。2. 【數、物】習題;作圖題。3. (象棋的)布局問題。adj. 1. 成問題的;難處理的。2. 關于社會問題的。

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  1. With the system of criminal trial in china is being changed from inquisitional into adversary, to perfect discovery system has become an urgent problem to be solved therefore, this article explores rule of corroboration in rule of evidence and is to benefit legislation and practice

  2. To define value, this paper has explored it in definition, standard, model and the relationship between it and facts in methodology, and the scope of the value of social security system coupled with the reality of our country. academic fields has explored on this problem to some extent

  3. But b. n. kim and his colleagues at japan ' s nation - al institute for materials science may have solved this problem with a ceramic that stretches - and stretches - before it breaks

    但日本國家材料科學研究所的b ? n ?金和他的同事們研究出一種在到達破碎極限之前可以不斷被拉長的新型陶瓷,可能會解決這一問題。
  4. But ourpeculiar design which built - in steam purifier had solved this problem

  5. The description of fixed - point rotation needs two three - dimensional coordinates, three independent variables. the relations of this coordinates and variables are so complexity that it ' s difficult to show the movement of fixed - point rotation. instructing the fixed - point rotation becomes a problem. using 3d animated graphics assist teaching ; we have solved this problem well