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  • nominal: adj 1 名字的,列名的。2 名義上的,空有其名的;有名無實的。3 微不足道的,輕微的。4 名稱上的;票面...
  • yield: vt 1 生出,產生(作物、報酬、利益等)。2 給與,讓與;讓渡;放棄(權利、地位等);交出。3 承認。4 ...
  • stress: n 1 壓力,壓迫,緊迫,緊張。2 【語音】重音;重讀;【詩】揚音;語勢,著重點。3 重要(性),重點,...

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  1. Coal slurries were found to exhibit a wide spectrum of flow behavior ranging from newtonian at low concentrations to shear - thinning and pseudoplastic with a yield stress at higher concentrations

  2. Effect of vanadium on critical yield stress of ni - ti - nb shape memory alloys

  3. The panels of hull girder may collapse or buckle before it reaches the yield stress. the curve of the stress - strain is usually constituted by stable zone -, non load - shedding zone and load - shedding zone

  4. Organic - inorganic nanocomposite, which are the complex of inorganic nanopraticles with organic compound, is a popular study subject in nanoscale composite. the nanocomposite can not only take advantage of several advantage, but also produce new properties. in this thesis, taking account of the problems in electrorheological fluids such as high leakage current, low yield stress and stability, the pan - batio3 nanocomposite with different structure are prepared by in - situ complex technology and modified sol - gel method

    根據目前電流變液中出現的問題(如屈服應力不夠高,漏電流密度不夠低,穩定性不夠好等問題) ,基於聚苯胺有較高的熱穩定性,且密度又小,特別是聚苯胺的介電常數和電導率均可按需調整,此外,鈦酸鋇無機納米粒子作為一種無機鐵電體,在電場作用下具有自發極化的能力,一方面可以為體系提供高的介電常數,另一方面又可保證體系的絕緣性能。
  5. The research indicate that the structured soft clay has below several characteristic, the viscous strain is produced during the stage of primary consolidation and of second consolidation, and in the prophase, the relation of stress - strain - strain rate is unique, so the form of constitutive model, such as, f ( v ', e ) = 0, f ( ' v, e, t ) = 0, ca n ' t describe strain behavior of soil skeleton rationally ; the time - dependent properties involve three aspects, in addition the time - dependent strain, apparent preconsolidation pressures that depend on strain rate, and the effect of creep compression on apparent preconsolidation pressures ; because of holding structural strength, the mechanics characteristic is determined by the magnitude of stress, and the compression curve is composed of several sections. by combining structural yield stress and it ' s characteristics with the improved time line model, a new one - dimensional elastic visco - plastic consolidation model is established

    研究結果表明,結構性土的固結過程具有以下特性:主固結和次固結階段都包含有因土骨架的粘滯性移動而產生的變形,而且在正常固結階段,存在應力?應變?應變速率的唯一性, f ( _ v , e ) = 0 、 f ( _ v , e , t ) = 0形式的本構關系不足以描述土骨架的變形行為;固結壓縮過程中的時間效應包括三個方面的內容,除了應力應變關系與時間相關外,還包括粘滯性變形引起表觀前期固結壓力增加和屈服應力的應變速率效應;軟土的結構性使其力學特性與應力水平相關,壓縮曲線具有分段性。