normal interfacial angle中文意思是什麼

normal interfacial angle解釋

  • normal: adj 1 正常的,平常的,普通的;平均的。2 正規的,標準的,額定的,規定的。3 智力正常的,精神健全的...
  • interfacial: adj. 1. 界面的,面際的。2. 界面角的。
  • angle: n 【英史】盎格魯人〈cf Angles〉。n 1 角,隅,角落;棱,嬗角。2 【數學】角,角位,角的度數。3 【機...

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  1. Compared with the traditional edge milling machines, this machine series is dismountable in their tracks, more rational in structure by heat - treatment of the bench, more reliable and stable in the milling & turning head ' s running. the feed and feed - back systems are fully independent respectively. the feed - back is quick and is highly efficient. the angle of the milling tool ' s tray is convenient in adjustment, and the custom - built tool rest and the normal tool rest can be inter - converted. they are the updated products of the traditional edge milling machine

  2. High chromium cast iron has higher erosion resistance at lower impact angle, while the erosion resistance is worse for the lower toughness at normal impact

  3. Tooth surface equations and contact line equations of the involute worm gearing are established according to its machining methodology. meshing characteristics in rigidity condition are studied. these characters include the inductive normal curvature along the contact line on the worm surface, the first and the second limit lines during the engage of the worm gear, and the influence of the intersect angle between the contact line the relative velocity of the worm and the gear on transmission performance

    根據漸開線圓柱蝸桿傳動的創成方法,建立了漸開線圓柱蝸桿和蝸輪的接觸線方程式、齒面方程式,分析了漸開線圓柱蝸桿傳動的剛性嚙合特性,如蝸桿與蝸輪嚙合時的誘導法曲率、一類界限曲線、二類界限曲線和蝸桿與蝸輪間相對速度方向和接觸線方向的夾角對傳動性能的影響; 2
  4. Look upon city is filled with ratio index to should be waited for from the point of dynamic angle, for high to income fluctuation industry, short - term inside occurrence deficit is normal phenomenon, should be filled with rate computation as city with average gain at this moment, perhaps use what did not come to anticipate gain comes to computational city to be filled with rate, such city is filled with frank ability significant

  5. Normal pressure angle