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  • normative: adj. 1. 標準的,規范的。2. 慣用法規律的。adv. -ly
  • decision: n. 1. 決定。2. 判決。3. 決議。4. 決心;決斷。5. 【美拳】(根據分數而不是根據擊倒對方做出的)裁判。
  • theory: n. 1. 理論,學理,原理。2. 學說,論說 (opp. hypothesis)。3. 推測,揣度。4. 〈口語〉見解,意見。

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  1. This paper is the research of both - branch fuzzy decision theory and hierarchical analysis method which are mutually engrafted and permeated

  2. Secondly, the paper researches blind estimation of signals parameters, including the carrier frequency, signal to noise ratio and symbol rate of digital modulations. thirdly, with the combination of parameters from early studies on the decision theory, a set of robust feature parameters are extracted from signal power spectrum and the power spectrum of the second and fourth power of signal. based on these parameters, the proposed scheme is able to recognize 12 types of common used modulations, namely ask 、 2fsk 、 msk 、 4fsk 、 psk 、 qpsk 、 / 4qpsk 、 8psk 、 am 、 dsb 、 ssb 、 fm

    接著,對信號功率譜、平方譜及四次方譜進行研究,針對通信中常用的調制方式,結合前人提出的基於決策理論中的特徵參數,設計了一組對信噪比和信號調制參數不敏感的分類特徵參數,利用上述參數完成了一種基於信號頻域的識別方法,可以對ask 、 2fsk 、 msk 、 4fsk 、 psk 、 qpsk 、 / 4qpsk 、 8psk 、 am 、 dsb 、 ssb和fm這12種常用調制方式進行識別。
  3. New developments in decision theory, artificial theory and dynamic analysis method are applied to evaluation the possible projects. the main contents in this paper are included as follows : first, has improved an format reasoning method based on multiple attribute utility model and knowledgebase theory ; second, has proposed complex utility model by improving the theory of multiple attribute utility ; third, has presented a kind of weapon intelligent decision support system, based on the complex utility model and developed with com / dcom criterion ; forth, this paper also has build the dynamic simulation model for long - rang multiple tube rocket launcher system, and the tire dynamic model has applied in the rocket launcher system dynamic simulation model ; fifth, through building the rocket - launcher contact model, this paper has analyzed the dynamic forces between the rocket and launcher ; finally, this paper has build the evaluation model of the project about improving existing rocket launcher to the launcher that using canister, and get the conclusion through using the widss. the studies in this paper not only proposed scientific warrant to the choice of projects in this pre - studied national defense task about improving existing rocket launcher to the launcher that using canister, but also can give other studied tasks with decision supported

    主要內容包括:在總結決策分析與專家系統規則庫技術的基礎上,提出了融決策分析與專家系統規則庫技術於一體的形式化推理機制,該機制能有效的將定量計算和定性知識融為一體,將規范的決策分析解題過程與專家系統特有的演化推理方法有機結合起來;在多屬性效用理論的基礎上,建立了一般形式的復式效用模型,並實用化了全相關乘式效用模型,提供了較完善的通用建模、分析和解釋功能:引入了com dcom組件技術,開發了基於組件的widss系統,該系統基於形式化推理機制,易於擴展,能夠面向多種決策問題,具有較強的通用性;建立了遠程多管火箭炮全炮動力學模擬模型,將充氣輪胎動力學模型、輪胎和路面的相互作用模型運用於多管火箭炮動力學模擬計算中;利用碰撞接觸理論,對火箭彈在定向器管內的運動受力情況進行了模擬計算;建立了遠程多管火箭炮箱式發射改進方案模型,並利用動力學模擬計算結果在widss系統中進行了方案性能評估。
  4. The decision theory approach

  5. With the application of the statistic and decision theory, such as robust design of experiments, calculation of parameter, simulating comparison, optimizing plan and evaluating reliability etc, this plan solves the problem of optimizing the universal examination of the same fuse with several shells in the approval test