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  • normative: adj. 1. 標準的,規范的。2. 慣用法規律的。adv. -ly
  • tax: n 1 稅,租稅,租款 (on; upon)。2 〈美國〉會費。3 負擔。4 (pl es) 〈英口〉收稅官。vt 1 對…抽稅...
  • structure: n. 1. 構造,結構;組織;石理,石紋。2. 建造物。3. 【化學】化學結構。4. 【心理學】(直接經驗中顯現的)結構性,整體性;整體結構。adj. -d ,-less adj.

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  1. Paralleled with literature, narrow sense articles have special characteristics such as reappear thingness essence, reflect subject and impersonality directness and definitude, the normative writing structure and language

  2. Hong kong s capitalist system and life - style will remain unchanged. we retain our legislation, custom regulations, tax structure, boundary management and immigration rules ; the boundary of the hksar will not be altered

  3. This paper tries to have some innovations in the following aspects : ( 1 ) the main cause of our tax revenue depending mainly on turnover tax is short of innovation in system ; ( 2 ) it ' s innovation in system to impel the rising of income tax in developed counties, which is a good example for us to learn from in the optimization of our tax structure ; ( 3 ) the main function of turnover and income tax should be separated according to their characters ; ( 4 ) the reforms in turnover and income tax should be taken simultaneously, congenially and complementally, although the former will be more progressive while the later more abrupt ; ( 5 ) the essential function of tax is to raise revenue, but its fair - promoting effect is much more obvious in disbursing than in collecting

    本文力求在以下幾個方面有所創新: ( 1 )認為我國稅種收入過度依賴流轉稅的主要原因是制度創新力度不夠; ( 2 )認為制度創新是推動發達國家所得稅從弱到強的主要原因,提出我國稅種結構優化需要在制度上大膽創新; ( 3 )提出根據各個稅種的特性,流轉稅和所得稅的主要功能應有所分工; ( 4 )流轉稅和所得稅的改革應雙管齊下,以漸進的方式改革流轉稅,以突變的方式改革所得稅,分工協作,優勢互補; ( 5 )提出稅收的主要功能是籌集收入,稅收在徵收環節在促進結果公平方面效果甚微,稅收在支出環節更能有效促進結果公平。
  4. The theory of tax design path is introduced, the effect that the tax structure of china has on economic growth is studied, international tax reform is compared, and some suggestions on china tax reform are offered

  5. V. requirements of a good tax structure