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  • notice: n 1 注意;認識。2 情報,消息;通知,預告,警告;(正式)通告;呈報。3 (辭退,解僱等的)預先通知...
  • the: 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • importance: n. 1. 重要性。2. 重要地位,顯著,有力。3. 驕傲,自大。

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  1. Part4 : partial significance about tao ' s four aspects can be shouhrpl the significance of six great emancipation p2 now procedure for the training of children creativity p3 severed problems that we should pay attention to the development of the creativity p4 establish the new conception and explain the importance for acculturating the recommence of educational courses

    本部分內容從以二、碩士學位論文h 47master 』 stllesis下四個方面,即: (一) 「六大解放」的現實意義: (二)當前兒童創造力培養的新措施: (三)發展創造力應注意的幾個問題; (四)樹立創造教育新觀念。
  2. There was wide disagreement among groups as to the importance of rites, with some practicing quasi - christian eucharists and baptisms and others rejecting all aspects of conventional worship, including prayer, fasting, and almsgiving

  3. As the progress of exploration and the importance that liaohe oilfield leaders have attached to lithologic reservoir exploration, the work has been gradually deepened in slope - bottom land transition zone, exploration breakthroughs have been made constantly, and the contribution to reserves is increasing

  4. The article depending on the investigation and research of jin xin chemical industry group and the analysis of the group " s external and internal environment, concludes the group " s strengths and weaknesses, defines the opportunities and threats or constraints that exits in the external environment, and on these grounds bring upped that the company ' s development target, established the group " s general strategy, according to the national chemistry industry " tenth five year period " the programming of " entering some industries and exiting from the other, doing something and not doing the other ", make sured the " chemical combination and the chemical engineering coexistence, and gradually push forward the related diversification, and build the type chemical combination conglomerate the group " of strategy direction, defines " to accelerate the internal industrial structure adjust and optimizing the product construction " which is the importance of the strategy, and established " the low cost target be in the leading and concentrate the strategy ", and formulate the group " s framework of total development strategy

    文章在調查研究金信化工有限公司基本情況,分析外部環境和內部條件的基礎上,總結了金信的優勢與劣勢,剖析了企業面臨的機遇和挑戰,並據此提出了公司的發展目標,制定了企業整體發展戰略,按照國家化學工業「十五」規劃中確定的「有所為有所不為」 、 「有進有退」的原則,確定了「化肥化工並舉,逐步推進相關多元化,打造綜合型化肥聯合企業集團」的戰略方向,明確了「加快內部產業結構調整和產品結構優化」的戰略重點,制定了「低成本領先的目標集中戰略」 ,形成了金信公司的整體發展戰略框架。文章理論與實際相結合,把戰略管理理論應用於企業戰略研究實踐,對金信公司的產品結構調整、技術改造、內部改革、企業管理和未來的長期穩定發展具有一定的指導意義。
  5. In the recent years, along with the development of the production technology of the vector hydrophone, more and more people notice the importance of the detect and measure technology of underwater acoustic vector signal, and it is applied in more and more fields