• sur: 超過額
  • mer: 調制誤碼率


  1. Mer mer mer arbour ! chanted the drunken peasant, smiling blissfully, and gazing at ilyin as he talked to the girl

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  3. Two hundred and seventy - four sites were detected by 15 10 - mer primers, out of which 262 were polymorphic ( 95. 6 % of the total loci detected ). all of the materials were clearly distinguished, of which fourteen samples have forty - five typical rapd bands. before the molecular taxonomy was introduced, people never doubted subgenus yulania ' s disrelation with subgenus magnolia and a close relation between subgenus yulania and michelia, as there is in both genera a sameness seen in their prolepsis and powder chambers dehiscing on the side

    3 、通過對玉蘭亞屬rapd擴增譜帶的分析,發現該類群具有很高的多態性:多態位點百分率高達95 . 6 ,產生的多態性帶數與所用引物數的比例為17 . 6 , 15條隨機引物清楚地分開了31個種類,其中的14個種共有45條特徵性帶,在利用rapd標記已研究過的類群中,本類群多態性較高。
  4. We would say, " faire un coup de marteau sur des fesses,

  5. Sur - mer in brittany was undertaking the voyage in the 90ft trimaran idec, a boat of tremendous power with a huge rotating mast that had been built to be raced by a crew of up to ten