null class中文意思是什麼

null class解釋

  • null: adj 1 無效力的,無束縛力的。2 無效的,無用的,無益的;無價值的。3 沒特徵[個性]的,沒表情的。4 〈...
  • class: n 1 階級;社會等級。2 學級;班級,年級,級,班;組;(有組織的)講習班;〈美國〉同年畢業班;【軍事...

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  1. Theorem 3. 9 if g is locally finite p - group and c * ( p ) - group, then the nilpotent class of g is at most 3 and the derived subgroup of g is elementary abelian p - group

    定理39若局部有限屍群g是c 「卜群,則g的類最多為3且g 』是初等阿貝爾p群
  2. Abies yuanbaoshanensis is a guangxi endemic and endangered evergreen coniferous arbor, listed in the red data book of plant in p. r. c, being one of the stated - proteced first - class rare and endangered plants. it is distributed only in yuanbaoshan mountain in northern guangxi

  3. Describes data access programming with visual c, where the preferred way is to use one of the class libraries such as the active template class library or microsoft foundation class library, which simplify working with the database apis

    描述如何使用visual c + +進行數據訪問編程,首選方式是使用類庫(如活動模板類庫( atl )或microsoft基礎類( mfc )庫)之一,這將簡化對數據庫api的使用。
  4. Arrays, whether local or class - level, are always initialized. ( 24 ) strings are initialized to null, not empty string. ( 25 ) an empty string is not the same as a null string. ( 26 ) a declaration cannot be labelled

  5. Parameter is not a null reference nothing in visual basic and is not an instance of the same class as the current permission

    參數不為空引用(在visual basic中為nothing ) ,並且不是與當前權限屬于相同類的實例。