nullarbor sa中文意思是什麼

nullarbor sa解釋

  • nullarbor: 納拉伯
  • sa: Sa =【化學】元素釤的符號 (=Samarium)。

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  1. One of these pr genes, pr - la, responds not only to avirulent pathogen, but also to some chemicals, such as sa ( salicylic acid ) and bth ( benzothiadiazole ) etc., and the responding ability to the inducers is controlled by its promoter

    其中一個pr基因pr - 1a ,不僅受病原菌誘導,而且受一些化學劑如sa 、 bth等化學劑的誘導,其誘導應答由其啟動子控制,因此pr - 1a啟動子可以應用於植物化學誘導系統中。
  2. Physiological effects of naa and sa on seed germination of cornus officinalis

  3. In this paper we improved the traditional sa algorithm, and the heuristic algorithm is applied to the search and move schedule. the neighborhood is changed from the fixable to the alterable, the operation of moving and rotating is alternate, and the precision of the solution is then guaranteed as well as its convergence speed

  4. Sa : well she looks like my third grade teacher and i hated my third grade teacher. wait a minute, she is my third grade teacher

  5. Sa : ( to jonah ) you called the radion station

    山: (對喬那)你打電話給電臺了?