num lock中文意思是什麼

num lock解釋

  • num: 礦工工會
  • lock: n 1 鎖,閂,栓。2 (運河等的)船閘。3 制輪楔。4 【機械工程】氣閘,氣塞,鎖氣室。5 【軍事】槍機。6...

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  1. Air lock valve

  2. She got up without lighting the lamp, felt around in the armoire for an archaic revolver that no one had fired since the war of a thousand days, and located in the darkness not only the place where the door was but also the exact height of the lock

  3. Indicating if num lock is turned on

    獲取一個指示是否打開了num lock的
  4. Determine whether num lock is on

    確定num lock是否處于開啟狀態
  5. If num lock is on ; otherwise

    如果num lock已打開,則為