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  • numerical: adj 數字的;數值的;用數字表示的。 (a) numerical order 號數。 a numerical statement 統計。 the ...
  • map: MAP =Military Aid Program 〈美國〉軍事援助計劃。n 1 地圖;天體圖;圖。2 〈美俚〉臉,面孔。3 〈美...

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  1. In view of this situation and the characteristic of qualitative variable as well as quantitative variable of the geological factors affecting coal seam affusion, put forward the application of numerical theory on the basis of optimization study of orthogonal design to confirm the optimal combination of the technical parameters of coal seam affusion when geological factors is in precarious state and then proceed optimization study with instances

  2. Here ' s an air map. please show me where we are now

  3. The data in rtfl are stored mostly in numerical codes, which are directly used as the input for a map drawing system. two maps are shown as illustrations of map making and diachronic analysis

    語言地理學通過繪制方言地圖闡明方言的歷史。本文介紹了利用R T F L製作的兩張地圖,以顯示繪制方言地圖的語言學意義。
  4. We mainly investigate the second kind. linear stability analysis and numerical simulations will be used, and the evolution equation of a nonlinear resonator filled with kerr medium, the mean - field model for a nonlinear resonator filled with two - level atomic medium, second - harmonic generation system ( shg ) with quadratically nonlinear material, complex ginzburg - landau equation ( cgle ), and coupled map lattice model ( cml ) will be considered in this dissertation. the paper can be divided into three parts : pattern formation, pattern selection and control of stc, the synchronization and applications of stc

    以含有kerr介質非線性光學諧振腔發展方程、含有二能級原子介質的非線性光學諧振腔平均場方程、含有x ~ 2介質的光學二次諧波產生系統模型、及復金茲伯格?朗道方程和耦合映射模型等動力學系統為例,採用線性穩定性分析及數值實驗方法,研究了斑圖形成、斑圖的選擇和時空混沌的控制、時空混沌的同步及其在保密通信方面的應用等三大部分內容。
  5. Firstly, the theory and characteristic of comgis is studied. secondly, the key techniques, such as map digitalization, autocad dxf file conversion, computational gridding, methods for interpolation, the 3d terrain visualization, and the results correction, are introduced. and lastly, a framework on numerical modeling is implemented and applied in a practical research work on coastal engineering