音標 ['nailən]
n. 名詞 1. 【紡織;印染】尼龍,耐綸。
2. 〈pl. 〉〈口語〉尼龍長襪。


    1. Line of pure dacron specializing in various kinds of specifications 、 the whole cotton thread, nylon line, polyamide fibre line

    2. Hangzhou yuhang chengnan line factory organized in 1993, was located the beautiful hangjiahu plain of hangzhou yuhang disctrict linping town, the close neighbor no. 320 national highways and the huhang highway near linping exit, the geographical position superior, the transportation was extremely convenient, this factory area amounted to 2, 500 square meters, the floor space reaches 700 even aspects, at present the staff has 29 people, technical personnel had 3, the factory main equipment has the dye vat, the system line machine and so on the special - purpose supplementary equipment, the fixed asset more than 2 million yuan, at present main production ribbon product and so on black silk ribbon line, nylon line, real silk thread, produces high mainly sells to hangzhou, shanghai, and the peripheral locality, the product quality deeply user communities ' faith, this factory by the science management, the rich experience and the advanced technology and the craft, had guaranteed this factory product high level, the high quality, simultaneously continuously pursue the good prestige, take the customer demand foundation of as the enterprise survival, welcome the new old customer to come this factory service discussion, communal development

    3. We are an experienced manufacturer and exporter for over 12 years. we specialize in manufacturing all kinds of watchbands, bags, pouches, wallets, fash on ornaments and accessories in various materials of genuine leather, pu, pvc, nylon, polyester different kinds of fabrics. we have our own factory located at yan tian, dongguan province, china with area over 4, 200 sq. meters and more than 300 skillful workers with daily production capacity of 12, 000 pcs in watchbands and 5, 000 pcs in bags

    4. Straight nylon fiber optic laryngoscope len for neonate

    5. Steel pole, fibreglass ribs, triangle handle, colorful nylon cloth cover, translucent plastic film packing, both for rainy and sunny use