• o: int 〈常用大寫字母〉哦 喲 …啊 唉 哎呀〈表示驚訝、恐怖、贊嘆、願望等〉。 O for a rest 唉 休息休息...
  • benzyl: n. 【化學】芐基,苯甲基。
  • p:
  • chlorophenol: 氯酚


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  4. Based on the actual biology settling, kinesin moves along microtubule which is constructed from asymmetrical o and p protein subunits which array periodically, so the microtubule ' s structure is also asymmetrical and periodical. during the motion, kinesin ' s configuration changes in a dynamic - chemical period in which there are several dynamic - chemical states for the motor, and the transitions are random between state and state to a certain extent

  5. Your comments would be appreciated and should be directed to the assistant director financial, and high - tech crime sub - directorate, o. i. p. c

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