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  • oak: n int vt =O K n 1 櫟樹,橡,?,?;櫟木,櫟葉;櫟樹嫩葉色。2 〈英大學〉堅牢的(櫟木)大門。3 櫟木...
  • leather: n 1 皮,皮革。2 革製品;〈美口〉皮鞋;皮帶;〈俚語〉(板球、足球等用的)球,撞球棒的頭;〈pl 〉(...

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  1. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, perfumery, leather and chemical industry ; as compound cyclizing agent in organic synthesis, acidifier and dehydrant ; as substitute of ortho - phosphoric acid

  2. Elemi, bitter orange, italian lemon, indonesian pepper and pink pepper, ambergris, oak, cedar, vetiver, balsam of peru and tears of siam

  3. Their hair was but half attended to, their ears anaemic in hue, and their shoes broken in leather and run down at heel and toe

  4. The store had quite an array of leather shoes in stock.

  5. Outside his bedchamber a flight of steps descended to a larger room furnished with a scarred pinewood table and a dozen oak - and - leather chairs