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  • oak: n int vt =O K n 1 櫟樹,橡,?,?;櫟木,櫟葉;櫟樹嫩葉色。2 〈英大學〉堅牢的(櫟木)大門。3 櫟木...
  • ridger: 起壟機 鬆土器 培土器 築埂機

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  1. The nanjing day tan oak domestic electric appliances limited company, is engaged in yu youyan machine, the fuel gas stove has, the fuel gaswater heater, the electric boiler, the electricity air bath, disinfects the cabinet, the electromagnetism stove and so on the smallelectrical appliances production and the sale operates privately thelimited liability company, the product proliferates area and so onmainland china and southeast asia has an experience rich technologyabundant outstanding team, has the specialty private enterprisemanagerial talent and control system day ke ren understood sets upthe brand, fully displays the team spirit, my si dingbi the takedivision of labor and cooperation, the superiority supplementary, resources sharing, the reciprocal benefit mutual benefit as aprinciple, provides extremely has the market competition strength bymight and main for the collaborator the product our objective is : development, innovation, prestige, highly effective, enterprising, strives for realism, development, quality

  2. Outside his bedchamber a flight of steps descended to a larger room furnished with a scarred pinewood table and a dozen oak - and - leather chairs

  3. Bouquet : the nose shows buttery melon and stone fruit characters complimented by subtle oak aromas

  4. He had brought columbines and campions, and new - mown hay, and oak - tufts and honeysuckle in small bud. he fastened fluffy young oak - sprays round her breasts, sticking in tufts of bluebells and campion : and in her navel he poised a pink campion flower, and in her maiden - hair were forget - me - nots and woodruff

  5. Nose ( 香味 ) : intense cedar and vanilla oak aromas