音標 [ɔ:, ɔə]
n. 名詞 1. 槳;櫓。
2. 槳手,劃手。
3. 劃子,船。
4. 槳狀物,槳狀器官〈翼、鰭、腕等〉。
vi. 不及物動詞 ,vt. 及物動詞 〈詩〉劃,蕩(槳);像槳一樣擺動(手等)。
oar one's way 劃槳前進。


    1. Also have the much sheet that send a gender neuritis and the person that change without dermatosis, good hair nerve is feet, in the middle of, oar, ischiadic, leg, sural, facial nerve and neck cong er are raised

    2. Our rowboat ' s course is erratic after we lose the oar

    3. But the hinge for the oar broke, so i had to row canoe - style ( which is less effective than rowing with a hinge, and then you have to use one oar )

      然而劃槳的安架壞了,因此我必須用劃獨木舟的方式來劃(這是比安槳式較沒效率的,而且你必需使用一個槳劃行) 。
    4. The practised oar pushed out and the boat left the tank like an arrow

    5. Wish you steer the ideal sailboat, braving the wind and waves on the sea or life, let the oar of friendship help you sail for the brilliant shore