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  • oat: n 1 〈常 pl 〉 【植物;植物學】燕麥,雀麥。 ★ oats 是馬的飼料,人吃的叫 oatmeal 2 〈常作 pl 用作...
  • grass: n 1 草;牧草;牧草地,牧場;草地,草原。2 〈pl 〉 【植物;植物學】禾本科植物;〈pl 〉 草葉;〈俚...

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  1. An abundance of fresh food is not compatible with a super-abundance of permanent grass.

  2. In the process of soybean milk and fermentation, soybean beany flavor is described by the unpleasant smelling consisted of the acerbity, bitter and grass - smelling component

  3. In loess plateau, flat shovels were popular, and my shovel liked a flat pan, the paste of barnyard grass flour laid open around the shovel, at the edge the paste was emitting flashy air bladder, not for one minute, a battercake was finished

  4. 6 herbal extracts ( ivy, st. john ' s grass, arnica, witch hazel, horse chestnut, grape leaves extracts ) can noticeably moisturize and soften skin, leave skin natural and bright

    六種植物精華(常春藤、聖約翰草、山金車、金縷梅、七葉樹、葡萄葉萃取物) ,具有顯著滋潤柔軟肌膚的功效,使膚色呈現自然光澤。
  5. The dioxin levels in local pastures are also much higher than those found in imported grass varieties, such as alfalfa hay, bermuda grass and oat grass, which contain less than 0. 3 ng / kg of dioxin, according to the study

    根據這份研究,本地牧草的戴奧辛含量也高出進口牧草許多,像是苜蓿、百慕達草、燕麥草等進口牧草的戴奧辛含量多在0 . 3奈克公斤以下。