1. 對面,顛倒(方向): oblique, offer. 2. 阻礙:obstacle. 3. 反對,抵抗:obstinate, oppose. 4. 抑壓:oppress. 5. 隱蔽:obfuscate, obscure. ★在m, c, f, g, p, t 前分別變為 o-, oc-, of-, og-, op-, os-.

  • ob: n. (西伯利亞的)鄂畢河。 Gulf of Ob 鄂畢灣〈俄羅斯〉。


  1. The russian plain is bordered on the south by the caucasian mountain range. the rivers ob and yenisei flow into the arctic ocean from the altai and sayan mountains

  2. The altai mountains in southern siberia form the major mountain range in the western siberia biogeographic region and provide the source of its greatest rivers the ob and the irtysh

  3. In the paper, the connectivity and diameters of sell - complementary 2 - multigraphs and sell - complementary digraphs are discussed, and if these graphs get disrupted the relations for the number ob edges and vertices between the two connected components are also studied in self - complementary permutation

    摘要本文討論了2 -重自補圖和有向自補圖的連通性以及2 -重自補圖的直徑,同時以自補置換作為工具研究了當2 -重自補圖或有向自補圖被分成兩個連通分支后,這兩個連通分支之間的邊數與頂點數之間的關系。
  4. Bring us beer over here. - ob, or crown beer

    給我們拿點啤酒來- ob牌還是皇冠?
  5. Ob : how did you get into classical conducting