object-space modifiers中文意思是什麼

object-space modifiers解釋

  • object: n 1 物,物體,物件。2 目標 (of; for); 目的,宗旨。3 【哲學】對象,客體,客觀 (opp subject); ...
  • space: n 1 空間;太空。2 空隙,空地;場地;(火車輪船飛機中的)座位;餘地;篇幅。3 空白;間隔;距離。4 ...
  • modifiers: 改性劑調節劑

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  1. Object space coordinate system

  2. A method for extracting vertical lines of buildings based on geometric information of object space

  3. Projects a vector from screen space into object space

  4. The conception of the object - space separating modeling technique based on the triangular grids is introduced, and simplification calculation of the points of intersection between semi - finished material and cutting scanning body brings forward, which reduces calculation quantities in simulation, increases the speed of simulation and optimizes the effect of simulation

  5. Looking forward from the detector position of the optical system to the object space, one can find critical surfaces and indirect surfaces in the system, and then try to remove or reduce the area of these surfaces