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  • occupant: n. (土地、房屋、地位等的)佔有人;居住者;【法律】占據者。
  • content: n 1 容積,容量,含量,【數學】容度;收容量。2 【哲學】內容 (opp form);要旨,真意。3 〈pl 〉內...

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  1. He had to content himself with expressing his government's abhorrence of japanese aggression while he knew that he could do nothing to bring the japanese to book.

  2. Microarray analysis and plantlets regeneration of the transgenic norway spruce ( picea abies ) for low - content lignin norway spruce is one of the two most important forest tree species in europe and the preferred species for pulp manufacture

    挪威雲杉( piceaabies )是歐洲的主要用材樹種,也是重要的造紙原料樹種。其木材的主要成分除纖維素外,還有15 - 36的木質素。
  3. Beryllium powders with the same particle size and various contents of beo were prepared by pre - sintering - acid washing processes initiatively and the influence of beo alone on o mys of beryllium was observed and some new results have been obtained - compared with the content of beo, the distribution of beo in beryllium has more critical influence on mys ; finely dispersed beo along the grain boundaries and in the matrix results in the dispersion strengthening of beryllium matrix and thereby the higher mys value ; on the contrary, the coarser beo particles clustering on the grain boundaries results in negative influence on o mys

    開創性地用預燒結? ?酸洗工藝制備了相同粒度、不同beo含量的鈹粉,從而開展了beo含量單獨對鈹材_ ( mys )影響的研究,得出一些新的結果:與beo含量相比, beo在鈹中的分佈狀態對_ ( mys )的影響更大。沿晶界、晶內彌散分佈的較細小beo對基體鈹有彌散強化作用,使_ ( mys )即較高;如果beo較粗大地成簇狀聚集在晶界,反而對_ ( mys )有不良的影響。
  4. Standard test method for evaluating stress - corrosion cracking of stainless alloys with different nickel content in boiling acidified sodium chloride solution

  5. Acomparison between the two total aconitine content in aconitum kusnezo ffii got by mongolia medicine preparing method and by traditional chinese drug preparing method and processing times influence to the content