octupole magnet中文意思是什麼

octupole magnet解釋

  • octupole: 八極裝置
  • magnet: n. 1. 磁體;磁石;磁鐵。2. 有吸引力的東西[人]。

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  1. The magnet of kaiyuan ct permanent canister magnetic dressing machine is made of the high quality ferrite material or rare earth alnico. magnetic separator the average magnetic induction of the canister surface is 100 - 600mt

    磁選機-豫重牌ct永磁筒式磁選機的磁系,採用優質鐵氧體材料或與稀土磁鋼復合而成,磁選機筒表平均磁感應強度為100 600mt 。
  2. In contrast to traditional synchronous motor of electrical excitation, permanent - magnet synchronous motor ( pmsm ) has more advantages, especially the occasion that requires high precision of control and high reliability, such as avigation, numerical control machine tool, processing center, robot and so on. in addition, it plays an important part in ac motor in modem times

  3. Because the core current is somewhat symmetrical around the axis of rotation, the associated magnetic field is similar to that of a bar magnet

  4. Driveequipment use active magnet connected - implement to firsthand fix at the axletree of electrical engine, pumproom close completely, via magnetic force coincidence to drive impeller on rotor - assembled to circumgyrate indirectly, it own the trait like tightly structure handsome exterior small bulk laigh noise unfailingly move expediently service using safety and economize etc

  5. J. r. hendershot and t. j. e. miller, “ design of brushless permanent magnet motors, ” magna physics publishing and clarendon press, 1994

    黃昌圳,有限元素法簡介,高性能無刷馬達設計技術研討會講義, 2003 。