offshore procurement中文意思是什麼

offshore procurement解釋

  • offshore: adj. (風等)(從海岸)向海面吹的;離岸的;海面上的。 an offshore bar 濱外沙洲。adv. 向海面;離岸;近海岸。
  • procurement: 供給學

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  1. Research, development and evaluation, legal system, instruments, affixation of official seals, treasurer, procurement, property and general affairs

  2. Anglo - eastern international macau cml offshore ltd

  3. The main contents include : water environment, marine sediment and the trend monitoring of marine life quality ; at the same time, to consolidate the monitoring of the functional zones, such as seashore bathing places, oceanic reserves, marine aquafarms ; to set up the seashell monitoring and controlling zones in the sea areas of both pingtan and yunxiao at the first time ; to carry out the statistical monitoring of polder, exploiting sea sand, spartin aallerni flora, terrestrial sewages, etc., to carry out monitoring of the total quantity of pollutants into the offshore marine areas in the min river, the jiulong river as well as the municipal sewages of xinlin industry in xiamen and jiaocheng in ningde ; to carry out the red tide monitoring in the offshore marine areas of fujian province ; to implement time - lapse, pointing and continuous red tide monitoring of high frequency and high intensity in the sandu gulf, the min river estuary and offshore marine areas of xiamen

  4. The international procurement and distribution zone ? after the bonded goods of import have entered the logistic park, they shall be undergone simple processing of the commercial character, and then to be sorted and distributed in the distribution warehouses for the final delivery

  5. According to the characteristics of offshore construction projects and based on common management flow, this paper analyzes four major contents of the cost control of offshore construction project, i. e. design control, procurement control, construction control and final account control