oil-retaining property中文意思是什麼

oil-retaining property解釋

  • oil: n 1 油;油類;油狀物〈一般是不可數名詞,表示種類時則用 pl 如:vegetable and animal oils 植物油和...
  • retaining: 保留
  • property: n. 1. 財產;資產;所有物;所有地,地產;所有,所有權。2. 性質,特徵,屬性,特性;【邏輯學】非本質特性。3. 〈pl. 〉 【戲劇】道具;〈英國〉服裝。

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  1. The result is that this gas pool has simple structure, only forms a little nose - like structure at the district of fenghuangshan ; this pool belongs to delta front sub - facies sedimentary model, the underwater distributary channel and mouth bar is the better sedimentary microfacies ; the physical property of the reservoir is poor, the type of pore of the reservoir rock mostly are intergranular pore, intergranular solution hole and little are intercrystalline micropore ; the influential factors of pore structure and physical property are lithofacies, lithologic character and diagenesis ; the off - take potentia of all the testing well are deadly shortness, the wells have the worth of industrial recovery only under the condition of going through sand fracturing, and in the early of binging into production, the oil and sheath pressure drop rapidly, the production of the well drop rapidly

  2. According to experimental data and related standard, the finite element model of frame has been set based on its geometric model through simplified processing, selecting element, dividing mesh grids, load cases setting and putting characteristic etc. on the basis of this, the integrated finite element model of motorcycle has been established including frame, engine, suspension, wheel, rider and oil box etc. to understand the relationship and dynamic property of frame and integrated motorcycle, mode analysis and frequency response analysis have been done

  3. Influence of particle diameter on pyrolysis property and kinetic parameter of oil shale

  4. It is suggested that this fan is of good reservoir quality and oil - bearing property due to the effect of the profile structure and the abnormall high pressure fluid compartment, thus having higher values for petroleum exploration

  5. It is considered from the analysis of reservoir space distribution and oil physical property that the major causes that controls the reservoir are the position, high oil density, high viscosity and high condensate point, by which the oil migration and accumulation are controlled and not beneficial for oil migration, while beneficial for oil accumulation because of its self condensation and traps