n. 名詞 【化學】烯(屬)烴。
adj. 形容詞 -ic


    1. Olefin gas closely approximates air.

    2. Ozone is formed in the reaction, and a nitro derivative of the olefin.

    3. Ht hydroconversion catalyst has a high activity in low temperature. high ability to saturate the olefin and canvert the organic sulfide into inorganic one in gas and liquid of hydrocarbon of the natural gas. oil and coked gas in synthetic ammonia, methanol gas and hydrogen making industries

    4. Spin by alkene spunbonded olefin glueing not, with making density polyethylene fibre not high, kinds of use the getting more extensive extremelying, light, but very tough and tensile material

      的紡粘型烯烴spunbonded olefin用高密度聚乙烯纖維製成,是一種用途極為廣泛,重量輕,而卻非常堅韌的材料。
    5. This gives the evidence of decision to the leader, and chooses good way to reduce olefin of petrol for liaohe petrifaction company, furthermore chinese petroleum joint - stock company, and give a quantitative evaluated method proper for choosing of projects