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  • oligopsony: n. (pl. -nies) 商品采購壟斷〈資本主義市場少數買主對市場商品采購搞的控制〉。n. -sonist 商品采購壟斷者。-so-nistic adj.
  • price: n 普賴斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 價格,價錢;市價;代價;費用。2 報酬;懸賞;交換物;〈美俚〉錢;(為取得某...

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  1. It is proved by the following representations : the small proportion of bancassurance premium to total premium and revenues of the bank, the big gap of operation scale and developing speed, the similar products between different insurers, the single sale means, the aboil competition in price, the low operation level, the weak speciality of the bank salesmen and lack of after - service

  2. At that price it is an absolute gift !

  3. They refused to accept less than the asking price.

  4. Aldridge said he was " pleased with the price and that the card is staying in this country within the greetings card industry.

  5. To these questions, the international sugar price and protective tra. de policy are analysised to show the genuine characteristic of world sugar trade, that is to be angulated by the serious protective trade policy