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  • olympic: adj 奧林匹亞的;奧林匹斯山的。 the Olympic games 1 (古希臘祭祀宙斯神每四年舉行一次的)體育和文藝...
  • sports: 戶外運動
  • center: n vt vi 〈美國〉=centre n 1 中心;中心點;圓心;中央;中樞,核心;中心人物;根源,起源。2 〈常C ...
  • stadium: n (pl dia )1 斯達地〈古希臘、羅馬長度單位,約=600希臘尺,合607英尺;賽跑場的跑道以這個長度為準...

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  1. The markopoulo olympic equestrian center, the pampeloponnisiako stadium in patras, the schinias olympic rowing and canoeing center, the agios kosmas olympic sailing center and the helliniko olympic complex ( baseball, softball and hockey fields )

  2. The college lies in academic city, guangzhou tianhe software center is to the west, and guangdong olympic sports center, world grand sight and flight spectacle are to the south

  3. Construction measure control technology of main stadium of nanjing olympic sports center

  4. For tianjin olympic center stadium project, parameters determination of a natural lake used as cooling pond and the layout plan of the lake were introduced, including the flow scheme of recirculating cooling water system, calculation of heat released from cooling pond, engineering arrangement for the lake, and the lake water treatment, etc

  5. Through the acoustical design of nanjing olympic sports center, it is found that many aspects of the existing code for acoustical design on gymnasiums deserve to be discussed, especially for large and overlarge gymnasiums