1. Belonging to open structure airproof tie - in system of machine pressure, it is widely used for communication, network system, cabled t. v. of catv, the fiber optic cable by network, the direct and branch connect - ion, the body adopts the high and strong function engineering plastics, structure forerunner, legerity. have also dependable functions of airpr - oofing and endureing lightning strike

      屬于開啟式機械壓力密封接頭系統,廣泛用於通信網路系統, catv有線電視光纜網路系統,可直通分支,盒體採用高強性能工程塑料,結構先進,輕巧並具有可靠的密封性及抗雷擊性能,並適用於架空,管道,附桿及戶內等安裝。