open kinematic chain中文意思是什麼

open kinematic chain解釋

  • open: adj 1 開著的,開放的;可進入的,可分享的 (to); 無蓋的,敞口的;敞開的;展開的;開的;開闊的,開...
  • kinematic: adj. 【物理學】運動學(上)的。adv. -ically
  • chain: n 1 鏈子,鏈條;項圈;表鏈。2 連鎖;連續,一系列,一連串;(山)脈。3 〈常 pl 〉鐐銬;羈絆,拘束...

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  1. At first, when you pick up the abandonded sack you think it ' s filled with gold, but when you open it you find a perfectly good suit of chain mail instead

  2. Using matlab and its add - ons simulink, through establishing simulation maths model, the paper integrates open chain vector equation ( describing motion restriction ), numerical value simulation ( computing velocity and displacement while given acceleration ) and matrix algebra, etc. to accomplish dynamic simulation for the robot and verifies the results for kinematics of the robot using analysis method, and it establishes foundation for following study for the robot such as kinetics, control, etc

    利用matlab及其附加軟體simulink ,通過建立模擬數學模型,綜合開環矢量方程(描述運動約束) 、數值模擬(在加速度已知時計算速度和位移) 、以及矩陣代數等來完成機器人動態模擬,對所研究的機器人運動學分析結果進行驗證,結果基本一致,為機器人的后續研究,如動力學,控制等奠定基礎。
  3. Marek " s disease virus ( mdv ) phosphoprotein 24 ( pp24 ) gene was amplified from md11 strain by polymerase chain reaction ( pcr ). then we cloned it into the downstream of gst gene according to the right open reading frame ( orf ) in pgex - 6p - l vector

    本研究將型mdvmd11株的pp24基因的完整orf克隆入原核表達載體pgex - 6p - 1中,重組質粒pgex - pp24轉化bl21宿主菌后,經iptg誘導表達。
  4. With the competition of the market become more and more fieri ly, the competition among enterprises has converted into the competition among the supply chains. it has become a important problem how to establish a supply chain management system that is open

  5. Conventional serial micromanipulators which have long open kinematic chains are not suitable for precise manipulation in microscopic scale because of their deficiencies of low stiffness and articulation error accumulation