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  • operation: n 1 動作,行動,活動;業務,工作;作用。2 效果,效力;有效范圍,有效期間。4 【數學】運算;【醫學...
  • capability: n. 1. 能力,才能,本領。2. 性能;容量;功率,生產率。3. 〈pl. 〉潛在能力。

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  1. Secondly, the development and the theory of operation of an intelligent pressure transmitter are analyzed and the error correct and the power consumption of it are presented and solved. thirdly, the data interfusion technology and automatic test is presented. and then, the theories of operation of the sensor and the hardware, the function descriptions of the software and the function and capability criterions of a

    在hbcc / hbyc系列智能差壓變送器的研製中,研究了電容式智能差壓變送器的傳感器和硬體工作原理,軟體的功能描述,變送器的功能和性能規范,以及軟體設計的總體方案。
  2. The model of safe following distance can not only avoid the accidents from back vehicles but also have no effect on the capability of traffic. with regard to some design of the model of safety following distance, i have made the scientific questionary in order to know clearly and accurately the habit operation of driver

  3. By introducing the latest german technology, with the ouststanding design & manufacturing capability of asg, a kind of full automatic stretch bootle blowing machine has been devel - oped there are two model of option, model sy - 20, which can form 2, 000 bottles per hour and model sy - 40, which can form 4, 000 bottles per hour. the devices adopt the inductive control with high performance and special designed bi - arm interlocked mold operation, which feature lower failure rate, higher efficiency, easier service and compact structure

    引進德國最新技術,憑借星a卓越設計能力和製造能力,製造出了具有國際先進水平的全自動拉伸吹瓶機。現有cp - 20型每小時吹瓶2000個和cp - 40型每小時吹瓶4000個2種型號可供選擇。高性能的感應控制,特殊設計的雙臂結構鎖模動作,故障率低,效率更高,維修更方便,節約佔地空間。
  4. ( in terms of operation capability, profit - making capability development capability and per capital product ). now foreign trade is increasing, inner trade need is developing, which leads the great future to bulk cargo transportation especially to mawan. in order to keep it ' s powerful development, give full play to its quick developing experience, doing the strategy research is needed to mawan

  5. Furthermore, this thesis not only evaluates the sampling efficiency and the effective sample size, but also enhances the practical operation capability of massive datasets " dataming through particle filtering