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  • optical: adj 眼的;視覺的;視力的;幫助視力的;光學(上)的。 optical activity 【物理學】旋光性。 an optic...
  • access: n. 1. 接近;會面。2. 捷徑,門路〈指方法、手段〉;檢查孔;進路,入口;【自動化】(存貯器的)存取。3. (病的)發作;(怒氣等的)爆發。4. 增加。
  • coupler: n. 1. 連結者,配合者。2. 聯結器;【無線電】耦合器;【鐵路】車鉤;【攝影】發色劑;【音樂】(風琴上連結兩組鍵盤的)聯奏器。

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  1. Based on the guidemode characters of dark spatial soliton waveguides and the theory of coupling between two waveguides, a kind of steerable all - optical directional coupler using dark spatial soliton waveguides is suggested

  2. Before plastic optical fiber widespread application, each kind of plastic optical fiber coupler must be used surely, at present the important method to manufacture the plastic optical fiber coupler is fused elongated taper. if adopt this kind of method, the conversion efficiency between the core modes and the cladding modes is low. one of the methods to solve that is

  3. In the paper, some factors are studied such as ratio of soliton and signal wavelength, linear refractive - index of media and coupling length which have influence on the performance of the steerable all - optical directional coupler

  4. Present and future of broadband optical access network

  5. Oan transmission and multiplexing - optical distribution network for optical access network