optical lithography中文意思是什麼

optical lithography解釋

  • optical: adj 眼的;視覺的;視力的;幫助視力的;光學(上)的。 optical activity 【物理學】旋光性。 an optic...
  • lithography: n. 石印〈平版印刷〉術;平版印刷品。

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  1. Unlike optical systems, acoustic check systems can bother the passengers of a vehicle a lot.

  2. Swivey of acoustical and optical parameters in the sea

  3. In all kinds of switches, thermo - optical switch, mems switch, liquid - crystal switch and air bladder switch are the trend of large - scale switch array, and lithium niobate electro - optical switches and electro - optical polymer switches are the trend of fast switches

  4. Being one of the key technologies of euvl, the alignment of optical lithography system affects directly the final imaging quality of the system

  5. Interferometirc lithographic technology incorporates laser, interference optics, diffraction optics and optical lithography and it is a frontier research subject in microfabrication technology and microelectronic field sponserd by national natural science foundation of china. the research for this technology in theory, simulation and experiments has important scientific meanings and broad application prospect for promoting lithographic limit, developing nanometer electronic and photoelectron devices, novel large screen panel display and novel lithographic equipment of our country