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  • optical: adj 眼的;視覺的;視力的;幫助視力的;光學(上)的。 optical activity 【物理學】旋光性。 an optic...
  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • domain: n 1 領土,版圖;領地。2 管區,勢力圈;(特定動物等的)生長圈;(學問、活動等的)領域,范圍;【物...

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  1. The super resolution effect of sb layer super resolution structure is also investigated with near - field scanning optical microscope. in addition, a rigorous three - dimensional ( 3d ) optical electromagnetic finite - difference time - domain ( fdtd ) model for analysis of a sil system is detailed. in order to accurately analyse sil model, a new method of setting a focused gaussian beam source in fdtd grids is presented

  2. Otdr ' s fotp226 - calibration of optical time - domain reflectometers otdr ' s

    Fotp226 .光時域反射計
  3. It is well known that for an optical pulse, its distribution in time domain is infinite. but only a limited time window width t _ ( w ) may be selected in numerical calculations because of the limitation of the microcomputer. therefore, the selection of t _ ( w ) is also a key aspect that should be considered carefully in numerical simulations

    基於此,本文提出了利用分步傅里葉方法計算光脈沖在光纖中傳輸時間窗口的選取方法,給出了正確模擬光脈沖通過不同長度的光纖后光脈沖的變化所要選取的時間窗口(即計算過程中所取的積分上下限之差) 。
  4. Having capacities of processing signal in frequency or time domain is one of very important characteristics of fiber, the optical fiber delay lines is a typical model

  5. In the first place, start with theoretic model of distributed fbg strain - sensing network, sensing principle of fiber bragg grating is analyzed and sensing model created. on the basis of analyzing advantages and disadvantages of several familiar multiplexing and demodulation techniques, a mixture multiplexing method that combines optical frequency domain reflectometry ( ofdr ) and wavelength division multiplexing ( wdm ) is proposed to address fbg sensing array. at the same time, tunable narrow - band light source, which is composed of wide - band light source and tunable optical filter, is adopted to demodulate multiplex signals