optional flag中文意思是什麼

optional flag解釋

  • optional: adj 可自由選擇的;隨意的,任意的;非強制的 (opp compulsory)。n 〈美國〉選修科。 It is optional ...
  • flag: n 1 旗〈cf banner ensign pennant standard colours〉; 【航海】司令旗,旗艦旗;旗艦。2 (狗、鹿等...

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  1. Surely you can run to a new admiralty flag.

  2. The flag bearer wears an aiguillette, which is wrong for an ensign, but he may be a more senior officer who has simply taken hold of the colours in the heat of the action

  3. Examination questions ' storehouses, which is about manipulative skills of customtailoring workers in apparel design, whose quality standard must be united, whose applied ability principles must best strengthened, and whose content and structure must be checked in designing appraise details of essential elements measure module ( appraisable particle ) check examination questions ( check item ), and take form united 、 norm 、 optional and open - ended the examination questions ' storehouse so that appraised and checked qualith of the manipulative skills can be guaranteed

    摘要服裝設計定製工操作技能試題庫必須堅持統一質量水平、強化適用能力的原則,通過設計考核內容結構鑒定要素細目測量模塊(鑒定點)考核試題(考核項目) ,形成統一、規? 、可選、可擴充的服裝設計定製工操作技能試題庫,以保證服裝設計定製工操作技能鑒定考核的質量。
  4. United states phone number, area code optional

    美國電話號碼(區號可選) 。
  5. Optional accessories : esc - 30 features : 1. balsa wing and tail, fiberglass fuselage 2. ultracote cover,

    特點: 1輕質高強度的玻璃鋼材料機身,預先噴漆