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  • optional: adj 可自由選擇的;隨意的,任意的;非強制的 (opp compulsory)。n 〈美國〉選修科。 It is optional ...
  • items: 版本

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  2. Apart from high - resolution printing to show the fine details of all definitive and commemorative stamps that have been issued in hong kong since 1862, there is well - organised text providing precise background information on stamps and other postage prepaid items, such as aerogrammes, picture cards and registered envelopes etc

  3. These items were an enormous comfort to those who benefited from them, considering that your aid was urgently sent to alger on monday june 2 and tuesday june 3, and by june 3 it had already arrived and been distributed to the victims

  4. The project management section, shown in listing 2, includes mostly optional items

  5. Label editing softwares - argobar printer utility optional items cutter, dispenser kit, extension flash memory, real time clock card, external 8 " od media stacker