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  • orange: adj 【歷史】奧林奇派的。n ism 奧林奇派的主張和作法。n man 奧林奇派分子〈1795年北愛爾蘭的一個秘密...
  • free: adj (freer; freest)1 自由的,自主的;自立的。 a free action 自由行動。 free competition 自由競...
  • state: n 1 〈常作 S 〉國,國家;〈通例作 S 〉(美國、澳洲的)州;〈the States〉 美國。2 國務,政權,政府...

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  1. A russian fugitive evaded arrest and became a minor celebrity by masquerading as a u. s. citizen hitch - hiking across the country for a record attempt, the state security service said on monday. unsuspecting national television stations broadcast reports on an attempt by the man, who spoke only in english and wore an orange bandana, to claim a place in the record books by crossing russia with no money or travel documents

  2. To assist drug abusers to detoxify and achieve a drug - free state

  3. The thermodynamic free energy on mixing and the spinodal equation in ternary homopolymer blends were obtained by making plausible approximation based on flory ' s equation of state theory. because of the non - linear behavior of the spinodal equation, a numerical solution approach was used and succeeded in solving the problem. spinodal of polystyrene ( ps ) / poly ( vinyl methyl ether ) ( pvme ) / poly ( 2, 6 - dimethyl - 1, 4 - phenylene oxide ) ( ppe ) were simulated over a wide temperature range and the calculated result was coincidence with that of the literature

    將上述方法用於已知狀態方程參數的二元均聚共混體系聚苯乙烯( ps ) /聚甲基乙烯基醚( pvme ) ,三元均聚共混體系聚苯乙烯( ps ) /聚甲基乙烯基醚( pvme ) /聚2 , 6 -二甲基1 , 4 -苯撐氧( ppe ) ,得到一系列不同溫度下的spinodal相圖,預測結果與文獻報道吻合,在此基礎上進一步研究了聚合物的分子量對體系相行為的影響。
  4. Because a nature full and volatile in its free state, was alternately the agent and reagent of attraction

  5. Very few atoms, however, can exist singly by themselves in a free state, but they usually combine together to form molecules