n. 名詞 越野識圖比賽。


    1. Orienteering promotion scheme for youth 2006 2007

      全港青少年野外定向推廣計劃2006 2007
    2. Present condition and prospect of orienteering research in the world

    3. They are provided with recreational activities and a wide range of discipline and skills training including foot drill, casualty handling, light rescue, basic mechanical and electrical engineering, canoe - building and fibreglass moulding, printing and book - binding, carpentry and interior design. they are also trained in countryside preservation, crowd control, rock climbing, orienteering and expeditions

    4. This paper develops an ant colony optimization approach to the orienteering problem, a general version of the well - known traveling salesman problem with many relevant applications in industry

      摘要本研究發展一蟻群最佳化演演算法求解越野賽跑問題,此問題可被視為一廣義之? ?推銷員問題,其應用?圍極為廣泛。
    5. The e2c is a hybrid of classical orienteering, ultra - distance running and the navigational training practices of search and rescue emergency responders