original antigen中文意思是什麼

original antigen解釋

  • original: adj 1 原始的,固有的,本來的;最初的,初期的。2 原物的,原本的,原文的,原圖的。3 獨創的,創造性...
  • antigen: n. 【醫學】抗原。

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  1. Install method : remove the sensor plug of the original accelerograph pedal, then insert the electric throttle of egas

  2. The clarification of the original sense of a priori

  3. We hope that our study will provide us with more comprehensive knowledge of the mechanisms of immune regulation and the roles that dc and complement play in innate and acquired immunity, as well as to lay a foundation for further exploration of the roles dc play in antigen - specific immune responses and immune tolerance from a new perspective. part i expression of complement receptors and complement - associated molecules on dendritic cells derived from distinct - origin at different stages of development two subsets of dendritic cells were generated from precursor cells isolated by means of magnetic cell separation system

    曰補體受體及其相關分子在modc上的表達不同分化階段的單核細胞衍生性dc ( monocytes一deriveddc , modc )的誘導:將新鮮分離的單核細胞mo ,在含有gm一csf和工l一4培養體系中誘導5一7d ,即分化為未成熟modc ;對培養至sd的未成熟modc ,用tnfa刺激zd ,即分化為成熟modc ;此時再用lps刺激24h ,即為活化的modc 。
  4. Dendritic cells are characterized by their ability to efficiently present antigen, and are uniquely equipped to stimulate naive t cell responses. immature dendritic cells acquire antigens from throughout the peripheral body, then migrate to t - lymphocyte - dependent areas of lymph nodes. thus, dendritic cells act as bridges, operating at the interface of innate and acquired immunity

    作為機體免疫系統中功能最強的專職性抗原提呈細胞( antigen - presentingcells , apc ) ,樹突狀細胞( dendriticcells , dc )能高效地攝取、加工處理和提呈抗原,具有較強的遷移能力,並能顯著地激活初始型t細胞以啟動t細胞免疫應答反應,此外, dc與b細胞以及nk細胞等也存在著相互作用,可見, dc在連接天然免疫和獲得性免疫之間起著非常重要的作用。
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