oscillatory phtoconductivity中文意思是什麼

oscillatory phtoconductivity解釋

  • oscillatory: adj. 1. 振動的,振蕩的,擺動的。2. 動搖不定的。

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  1. The oscillatory current flowing in the coil produces an oscillating magnetic field.

  2. Yet the concept that light is somehow inherently oscillatory has persisted throughout this transition period.

  3. Former for sound of of one mind, basically originate systaltic when the oscillatory ; latter that mitral valve and tricuspid shut generation is disloyalty sound, basically originate diastolic when the vibration that aorta valve and pulmonary artery valve shut a generation

  4. In this paper, high - order accurate weighted essentially non - oscillatory ( weno ) schemes are investigated and their applications in hyperbolic conservation laws are discussed. based on this, a new weno difference scheme which based on dispersion - relation - preserving relation is developed, and representative test cases with this scheme for computational aeroacoustics ( caa ) problems has been implemented and compared in order to test capability of wave capturing ; in addition, weno schemes generally do not converge at high order in the presence of contact discontinuity of euler equations, so a conservative front tracking technique coupling weno schemes and level set method to simulate the translating density profile is presented here, and numerical simulation with this technique for representative test case has been implemented and results show the desired accuracy

    本文研究了高階精度加權基本無振蕩( weno )格式及其在雙曲守恆律方程中的應用,在此基礎上作了兩個方面的工作:一是針對高頻聲波問題構造出一種基於保色散關系( drp )的weno有限差分格式,並對計算氣動聲學( caa )問題的代表性算例進行了大量數值實驗,比較了該格式捕捉波數的能力;另外,針對高階weno格式在處理euler方程的接觸間斷時精度有所降低的問題,研究了利用界面追蹤技術levelset方法和高階激波捕捉weno格式相結合的一種守恆追蹤方法,並且給出有代表性的密度滑移面問題的算例,得到一致高階精度的數值模擬結果。
  5. " for the invention of the separated oscillatory fields method and its use in the hydrogen maser and other atomic clocks