ossific nodule中文意思是什麼

ossific nodule解釋

  • ossific: 骨化的, 成骨的
  • nodule: n. 小結;小瘤;【生物學】小結節;【醫學】結核,瘤;【地質學;地理學】巖球,礦瘤。

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  1. Ct and mr imaging showed a densely calcified nodule with fatty bone marrow component protruding from the inner surface of petrous bone but not involving the internal auditory canal

  2. Heavy metal resistance of frankia strains from root nodule of myrica rubra

  3. Root nodule nematode

  4. The strength of extension of low carbon ductile cast iron can reach 750mpa in casting state, the impact ductility can reach 20j / cm2. the diameter of graphite nodule is 5 - 20 ( am, the base body is consisted of pearlite -

    低碳球鐵在鑄態下的抗拉強度可達750mpa ,沖擊韌性可達20j cm ~ 2 ,其中石墨球直徑在5 20 m ,基體以珠光體為主,有少量的鐵素體與滲碳體。
  5. In patients with a solitary, rapidly growing, sometimes painful, well - defined, isoechoic to hypoechoic nodule with increased ascularity in the upper extremity, the possibility of nodular fasciitis should be considered in the differential diagnosis