outside-packed floating exchanger中文意思是什麼

outside-packed floating exchanger解釋

  • outside: n 1 外頭,外部,外面,外側;外觀;外表;外界;【電話】外線;【體育】出界。2 極端。3 〈英國〉(公...
  • floating: adj. 1. 漂浮的,浮動的,流動性的。2. 【醫學】游離的。3. 移動的;不定的。4. (塗工的)第二道(漆等)。5. (船貨)未到埠的,在海上的,在運輸中的。
  • exchanger: n. 交換器。

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  1. In nine years of living just outside siena, aaron jastrow had never attended a palio.

  2. Floating head heat exchanger with flanged floating head ; number of passes : 2, 4 and 8, tubes 25, square tube pitch 32 ; number and pattern of tubes, tie rods and slide rails

    帶法蘭盤浮動頭的熱交換器.通路數2 4和8 ,管25 ,方
  3. Development of mathematical model of heat exchanger outside of air sour ce heat pump heating chilling unit

  4. Based on the demonstration in the project target and the technologic support, the hilss is completely constructed, which is a tightly coupled multi - processor system composed of a standard personal computer, a high - performance single chip microprocessor system and a fast - running floating point dsp system. the debugging of the outside ecu will become easier by the friendly graphical user interface, and the high - speed signal transfer through all the parts. besides, the hilss can be expanded conveniently for its modular components

    在這一系統中, pc上位機、單片機和dsp系統通過共享存儲器構成了一個緊密耦合的多處理器平臺,友好的圖形化用戶界面、高速的信息採集和控制響應、模塊化的系統功能構成為外部電控系統的調試創造了良好的開發環境,同時也為系統今後進一步的擴展奠定了扎實便利的基礎。
  5. The design calculation method of the regenerative heat exchanger with the ceramics honeycomb was derived by heat transfer analysing and analoging according to the mathematic analytic transformation of heat transfer in spheric packed bed regenerative heat exchanger