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  • overlay: vt ( laid )1 覆,蓋;鋪,敷,塗;包,鍍金。2 蓋暗,弄陰。3 壓制,壓倒。4 【印刷】加上襯于。n 1 ...
  • model: n 1 模型,雛型;原型;設計圖;模範;(畫家、雕刻家的)模特兒;樣板。2 典型,模範。3 (女服裝店僱...

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  1. 3. take the lrdmis as info source to discuss the combination of gis and specialty model in information system, by the means of spatial overlay analysis the land use status movements, carried a analysis to number and quality structure of region land type by the means of landscape analysis, and principal analysis was utilized to evaluate experiment area ' s land quality hierarchy., all the work provided a scientific foundation and technological support for experiment area synthetic management and planning

  2. P2p networks build an overlay network, a network on the network. the central idea of this dissertation is to apply the well - established iso osi layered model on p2p middlewaresystems

  3. Based on the object - oriented technique, this study defines four types of geographical event, i. e. expansivity, contraction, rebirth and vanishment events for management of land use data. and it further designed an object - superposition data updating model based on the land use feature of point, line and polygon , which would take the advantage of the gis overlay function to effectly implement of updating spatial and attribute data

  4. The mechanistic model and damage model of this method is reviewed theoretically. finally, we use this new method and the other several procedures using currently to calculate a case example. it indicates that this method can derive a effective result comparing to the other existing procedures, but for the real use in the true pavement overlay design, we should still to improve it in the empirical part of this method to get more accurate results

  5. In the thesis, i choose the horizontal and symbiotic industrial cluster basing on the natural resources as the objects to study, and make full use of knowledges from many subjects, including : economy, management, complex science, math, computing simulation, etc. through the idea of " down to up ", i make every individuality ( company ) inside the industrial clusters as a cell ; and choose techological support, labor supply, natural resourses reserve, maket overlay, intermediary service, public foundation, govenment policies as the outside influencing features ; and choose total assets, total production value, output ratio of capital as the indexes of system characters. then, i establish a computing simulation model on the optimal scale of industrial clusters basing on cellular automata model by matlab software, and simulate the shifts of characters of sigle cell according to the changing environments