own-course plotter中文意思是什麼

own-course plotter解釋

  • own: adj 1 〈用在所有格之後以加強語氣〉自己的;特有的。2 珍貴的,心愛的。3 〈罕用語〉(不與所有格連用...
  • course: n 1 進程,經過,過程,趨勢;經過期間。2 進路;水路;路程;路線;航線;【火箭】導引。3 行進方向;...
  • plotter: n. 1. 策劃者;陰謀者。2. 繪跡器。3. 標圖員;制圖者。

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  1. Its author ' s bizarre cognomen is his own invention ; and, of course, this mask ? through which two hypnotic eyes seem to glow ? had to remain unlifted in accordance with its wearer ' s wish

    而本書作者的奇特的筆名這是他本人起的? ?按照他的遺願,這個新奇的筆名理所當然的被保留了下來。
  2. Of course not. each country has its own exchange control laws and policy

  3. Zhou xun stars as a beijing heiress of a swank teahouse, whose 21st century lifestyle has her gaining paramours from hangzhou to the u. s. but after a fatal accident that spared only two, she begins to rethink her own course in life

  4. Everyone turns to his own course, like a horse rushing headlong into battle

  5. Follow our own course of eating, and just let those wastedalmost lost the pig looks human beings talk